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Someone suggested that I should start a personal style blog. And I thought to myself, "Why not?" It could be really fun. Or not. Anyhoo, this is my little hole-in-the-wall of vintage finds, style obsessions and the sort. Let's not take things too seriously around here, shall we?

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Hiatus. No More.
POSTED ON : Saturday, 16 February 2013
If any of you have been checking MatteHatter for updates these days, I know it has been pretty quiet the past two weeks. My excuse would be that I was caught up in various commitments and CNY. In truth, I just got lazy somewhere down the road.

In life, there are always moments like this. You feel like you are done putting in any more effort in whatever you are doing when the journey gets bumpy. You lose the drive to continue. But that's not the way to achieving anything, is it? Nothing good comes easy and we must always try to find the eagerness and motivation within ourselves to push on. Of course I knew this all along. I believe everyone does as well, but how many of us actually get down to doing it? That's when I decided I need to get my act together.

Let's stop procrastinating and start taking (baby) steps to accomplish what we have all set out to do, shall we? Be it New Year Resolutions, finding a job, or simply leaving the house because you have been an obstinate couch potato. Never lose that fire in your belly. I have been there and it's not fun looking back.

With that said, I will be updating more regularly from now on and here's a snippet of what's to come:

And although this might come a tad too late, I would like to wish everyone a prosperous Chinese New Year! Keep them ang paos coming, and always be sure to count your blessings as we usher in the Year of the Snake :)

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