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Someone suggested that I should start a personal style blog. And I thought to myself, "Why not?" It could be really fun. Or not. Anyhoo, this is my little hole-in-the-wall of vintage finds, style obsessions and the sort. Let's not take things too seriously around here, shall we?

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Ikat Prints
POSTED ON : Thursday, 4 April 2013
They say real men wear prints. Well I, for one, am all for loud pieces as my choice of excuse for a lack of layering. All over prints shirts are, by all means, the most convenient way to do so (it's just a button on, not too hard yea?) and I find myself falling in love with the exotic Ikat patterns as of late.

Photo Credits: Valet Mag

Photo Credits: Burberry Prorsum

Yea you can scoff and say, "Ain't that Aztec?" But they are most definitely not. If you look closer, these Ikat prints exude an oriental vibe that's kinda unique to Asian heritage, more batik-inspired (rightfully so, since it originated from Indonesia) while Aztec has more of this tribal Western influence going on. No worries if you still can't really tell the difference, I was once just as confused as you are. Or maybe I still am.

I'm gonna just take on the "spare me the technicalities of the design" mindset and move on. The patterns and hues are just so refreshing and laid back. The fabric choices instantly create a yearning for a long tropical getaway. Especially the indigo Ikat shirt from J.Crew, which also happens to cost a bomb.

At a much cheaper price (and I mean MUCH CHEAPER), I managed to get an equally nice Ikat print shirt from H&M's latest line - the H&MConscious collection. The material is so sheer; it's perfect for the sweltering heat. This is my new favorite shirt. For the time being.

Oh and please don't mind the beaded necklace (again?!). I couldn't help it with all the talk on Asian vibes HAHAHA.

On Me: Ikat Print Shirt by H&M, Beaded Necklace (Customized)
Photography: Benendict 

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