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Someone suggested that I should start a personal style blog. And I thought to myself, "Why not?" It could be really fun. Or not. Anyhoo, this is my little hole-in-the-wall of vintage finds, style obsessions and the sort. Let's not take things too seriously around here, shall we?

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Awesome Weekend: &Made Burgers And Cool Clean Air
POSTED ON : Tuesday, 25 June 2013
So the haze has finally shown some signs of clearing up. That calls for a celebration, doesn't it? Well for me and my bud Ashleigh, it means hitting the streets and getting some of our to-go eateries checked. This time round, we found ourselves at a burger joint. &Made, the brainchild of Michelin-starred chef Bruno Menard, is heralded  for injecting gourmet quality to our casual everyday fare (burgers duh). And they come at a very affordable price tag. Michelin-stars + affordable prices? Go work that out :)

For a guy who gets a year's worth of burgers from Carl's Jr (long story, but a good one), burgers are hardly appetizing anymore. But &Made has proven me wrong on this one. They have a well-balanced (and delectable may I say) selection of burgers, each catering to different groups of diners. There's no particular focus on one meat type; burger joints like to do that with beef, don't you think? With its quirky and fun decor - naked bulbs, pixelated walls and its open kitchen concept, it's just a great place to chill and enjoy a good ole burger.

The Craft-It-Yourself menu seems really interesting and so I went ahead with creating my own rendition of a perfect burger. The end result is a Pan-seared Atlantic Salmon burger with a light dose of Avocado Yogurt Sauce, Comte and a fried egg. I really like the combination of salmon and avocado yogurt sauce. It has a refreshing tang to it and for salmon lovers like me, you would know that they can't be paired with something that's too rich. The Craft-It-Yourself burger doesn't come with any sides, I added $3 for its garlic and vinegar fries (which I really enjoyed with &Made's signature BBQ sauce).

So far, one of the best burgers I've tasted. Ash would beg to differ though (with his Beef Burger), giving this acclaim to Fatboys. Judgement is for you to make. By the way, I like how they let us try a sample of whatever that piques our interest - a nice touch on service there.

A little bit on what I wore - played around with shades of blue (even my socks are blue!). Can't help but to don this highly appropriate tee seeing that the haze has finally cleared. "Cool Clean Air". Just what we need on a weekend like this, awesome day with the sun out shining and the breeze actually feeling clean and fresh for once since the haze. I guess times like this allows us to ponder and appreciate the little things that we have in Singapore. Cliche but very true~ (for me at least) Maybe I should take my cue from "The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari", start whiffing flowers and all HAHAHA

On Me: Denim Jacket by Levi's (Thrifted), Cool Clean Air Tee by Uniqlo, Chinos by Muji

Photography: Ashleigh Choo 
He knows his burgers. And his camera. And... It's a list of infinite things that he knows. 

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