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Someone suggested that I should start a personal style blog. And I thought to myself, "Why not?" It could be really fun. Or not. Anyhoo, this is my little hole-in-the-wall of vintage finds, style obsessions and the sort. Let's not take things too seriously around here, shall we?

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Public Garden: An Eclectic Mix Of Local Quirks & Innovation
POSTED ON : Tuesday, 10 September 2013
Has anyone noticed that malls are getting really boring these days? Or is it just me? Well before you dismiss this as a rant of a jaded shopper (ok it is part ranting), I have done my due observations. Most people tend to just hop around, store after store. Sometimes completely oblivious to the things they see while they busy themselves with dirty talk. Or just random chitchat/catching up really. It seems that we have grown accustomed to the repetitive things we see all the time. A Zara here, a Uniqlo there and the familiar pattern repeats itself.

Who knew weekend activities can become such a routine? Not me. I needed something new. Something to reinvigorate my weekends. And that was when I found out about Public Garden.

"Public Garden operates a market comprising Singapore's best independent businesses and creative individuals. Public Garden is an alternative to big-box retail with a free spirit."

There you go, blatantly (and conveniently) copied from its website. Couldn't be better described than the original. With that said, I was really curious with what they have to offer and I made a trip down to one of its fleas a month or so ago. Yes this is an extremely late post, but don't worry you can still catch them soon enough; they are a very active bunch. I just got word that they will be holding a Hidden Finds Market of sorts at Triple One Somerset this coming 20th - 22nd September, so check them out if you will.

Venue: MICA Building Atrium

What's so addictive about Public Garden is that despite holding its flea market nearly every week at various venues, it has a refreshing change of vendors week after week. I find myself continually amazed (and so do the folks at Public Garden themselves) by the kind of innovation we have in Singapore. You will be surprised. A mishmash of quirky trinkets, out-of-the-world crafts, vintage threads. Occasionally even things you wouldn't expect like palm-reading. Or shoe shining service. WHAT?! Essentially stuff I didn't know existed here or where to look for all in one assembly. Pretty darned awesome is what it is.

Eye-opener aside, I definitely went home with quite the takeaway. Bought a vintage giraffe print shirt from a really cool store - Lunakins. Just when I thought Singapore is greatly deprived of vintage threads, especially for men. Here is a store that curates authentic vintage/retro shirts with their various loud, quirky prints for people who don't take themselves too seriously. Like me. With all vintage clothing, Lunakins' shirts are all one of a kind. But here's the catch, they only come in one size. So it really comes down to how fortuitous you are to find something you like that's available in your size. I guess I must have charmed Lady Luck that day :)

Tell me, where can you find such a hippie looking giraffe print shirt anyway? Usually if you find something that has a giraffe print on it, it most likely is gonna be ugly. The truth is, giraffes and fashion are like Paris Hilton and being smart. They just don't seem to work together. But not this simplistic one. It caught my eagle-sharp eyes and I snapped it up.

If you have been browsing through photo albums of your parents' prime and would like to relieve some 80's era fun, then retro pieces like this are good go-to pieces. The key to attaining that old school vibe? Wear a tank top for an inner piece. It always pull the whole look together if you ask me. With this casual getup, I'm already starting to feel like a maverick from one of those nostalgic Taiwanese films~ Well.... I'd like to think so heh.

Searching high and low for a gift that screams novelty? Check.
Dying to show support to our homegrown creatives and be inspired in the process? Check.
Feeling pretentious and wanna act like you know shit? Check. HAHAHA jokes.

Anyway, if you are any of the first two mentioned above, Public Garden is definitely the place to visit.

On Me: Vintage Giraffe Print Shirt by Lunakins, Jinluda Vintage Briefcase (Thrifted), Wallabees by Clarks Originals

Photography: Benedict

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